Updates on Imagined Chaos


> ImaginedChaos.com is now ALSO JaimieHunter.com. I made this change because I wanted to brand myself better as a writer and expert in Public Health. Queries to imaginedchaos.com automatically forward to jaimiehunter.com.

> I have a new newsletter! Whereas the blog sign-up allows you to receive blog posts directly to your inbox, the newsletter sign-up will allow you to receive updates, exclusive content, giveaways, tips and tricks, etc. that do not get posted to the website. If you signed up for the Blog, you will still need to sign up for the Newsletter if you wish to receive this content!

To sign up for the newsletter:

> Thank you for your support and positive feedback on The Seventh Light. I will be querying it soon. Wish me luck.

> Expect to see more posts like The Vampire’s Guide to Online Dating. I may pick that story up again soon, but in the interim I have other works in progress to share. Thank you for your support on that one, too.

I’m glad you’re here! Reach out anytime. I updated the Contact page.

Thanks! Stay safe, and happy writing!



Author: Jaimie Hunter

I am a writer of Young Adult fiction and non-fiction. I'm also a public health scientist and educator.

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