Jaimie Hunter, PhD, MPH

Scientist and Writer


I am a nerd. I mean scientist. I love to learn.

In 2015, earned my Ph.D. in Health Behavior from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have a quantitative methods concentration, and, from my master’s degree, minors in biostatistics and epidemiology. My research interests focus on comorbidity between mental and physical illness and the role of health behaviors in influencing it. Specifically, I have studied the persistence of the robust relationships between depression and diabetes across a variety of conditions and measurement strategies. I am trying to understand the independent and cumulative impact of “buffering” and “exacerbating” factors–such as social support, religiosity, resiliency, stress, stigma, disease-specific distress, health behaviors, and others– on the relationship between depression and diabetes.

I’m well-published and have worked with some amazing teams. But that’s not who I am.

I am a writer. An aunt. A dreamer. A shower/car singer. And I’m learning my way around a gym.

I’m an author. I write across genres, focusing especially on non-fiction (Diabetes in African Americans, Bipolar Disorder) and young adult fiction (paranormal, fantasy, romance).

I’m an awkward dater. A sometimes pretentious, always loquacious word vomiter. I’ve got the heart of a lion. I’m both ferocious and insecure, a very introverted extrovert.

If you’re my friend, I will love you with everything I have. No, you don’t scare me one bit.

I’m not afraid of anything, least of all to dream. And I’m tenacious enough to put some wheels under those dreams and make them come to life.

I’m a Tar Heel. I’m tenacious, and I endure. Like everyone else, I can be chaotic. It occurs to me that my chaos is imagined–just a dream. Real life is more orderly when I calm down and remove the drama. Using good communication and taking the time to explore the different possibilities that are “out there,” I can make sense of nonsense. That’s what this blog is about.

Oh yeah. I am passionate about advocating for people with mental illness. I have lots of thoughts, ranging from completely errant to mind-numbingly appropriate. Just remember I’m not a clinician. The opinions I share are mine and are not intended to take the place of a professional opinion.

Thank you for being here. Reach out, if you like!



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Everything you write resonates. Profoundly.

    I’m still figuring life out at 60.

    I was hospitalized for my mental health for the first time recently. The first 48 hours I was held on a gurney in a brightly lit hallway in The ED at Kaiser in San Francisco. No mental care. Not a shred. The psych ward at St. Francis was much better. Great people.

    I went through a 2 week outpatient program at Kaiser.

    I had spent all day at a memorial the day after Valentine’s Day. A fellow younger swimmer passed away with no warning.

    When recovering through grief illness or critical surgery one learns who your real friends are, or aren’t.

    I’m still here. Still trying. No prospects. Poor as dirt but with public assistance. I exercise meditate and have a hobby and a cat and a close friend.

    I can’t dare travel to aftercare sessions now with coronavirus. Public transport not safe. Businesses closing.

    Swimming in the ocean is my best meditation. Especially in the rain.

    Thank you again for your spirit and words.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing with me. Sometimes it can feel like I’m screaming in the dark, but friends like you provide a flashlight. I’m sorry you suffer, but I am grateful that we have each other and others like us to help remind us we’re human. –JCH


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